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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My last post, which considered nudity in a cinematic gem of the 80s, got me thinking more generally about nudity in the movies, and the upshot of my thinking is the conclusion that most movies could do with a bit of nudity. A case in point: The Karate Kid. The movie is already a solid three and a half stars, but with nudity would easily clear four. Of course, it would be a treat to see a young Elisabeth Shue in the buff, but the nudity needn't stop there. Imagine if you will a scene in which we see Daniel's mother in the shower, laying her head against the wall and sobbing in frustration at her son's inability to acclimate himself to life in California. Or how about a scene in which Daniel finds Mr. Miyagi sprawled naked on a tatami mat, passed out from drunkenness, and for a brief, frightening moment imagines his new friend and mentor to be dead? Still not convinced? Then consider a scene in which Daniel, before a mirror, doffs his karate garb, contemplating whether the nude image he sees reflected, shorn of cultural signifiers, is any more or less authentic than the image of his body adorned with any of the various costumes he wears in the course of a day (all of this conveyed through subtle eyebrow movements). Of course, you won't see anything like this anytime soon, not with this bozo in office!


  • A note to my readers: Blogspot evidently dates the posts according to when you first saved a draft, so even though I've clearly posted this on the 28th of June, not March, the date of the posting is given as the 28th of March, because that's when I first wrote a rough draft. Yes, it took me three months to write this post!

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