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Monday, August 03, 2009

Remember that movie The Shaggy Dog, the Chevy Chase vehicle about a man who transforms into a dog? Surprisingly, this is a children's movie! I say surprisingly, of course, because a man who transforms into a dog will probably explore all sorts of new erotic possibilities -- both exploiting his new found cuteness to enter heretofore forbidden female spaces* and, yes, fucking other dogs**. Of course, Chevy Chase probably didn't want to do movies that full-tilt pornographic at that point in his career. But what about now? How about a remake or a sequel to The Shaggy Dog this time more realistically exploring the erotic adventures this man-dog would undoubtedly embark (no pun intended) on? Your move, Mr. Chase!

*Imagine a scene in which, from the man-dog's p.o.v., we enter a locker and a gaggle of screaming, semi-clad or nude cheerleaders or what-have-you go into hysterics because a dog has just entered the locker! This scene would be both humorous and erotic.
**Don't get me wrong! I'm not saying, as a man, that I have an interest in fucking dogs, and am only kept from doing so by social taboos that would be erased were I transformed into a dog . . . Okay, I guess I am saying that.


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